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La Bellezza salverà il mondo

Odette Lafrance, an accomplished Italian artist and designer based in Rome, adeptly integrates digital and traditional mediums in her creative pursuits.

Her art is a lively exploration of human energies and their intricate interplay with environment, culture, and lifestyle.

She works skillfully capturing the essence of these connections with precision and elegance.


Artwork serves as a gateway, inviting viewers to experience the transcendent influence of beauty and its profound transformative potential.

POP Superheroes


Odette Lafrance also designs Pop Art portraits where she transforms individuals, families, and beloved pets into narratives of superheroes.

Her vibrant compositions imbue ordinary moments with a sense of heroic adventure, blending playful imagery with a narrative depth that celebrates the unique stories of her subjects.

PUGLIA_INFINITO_ Odette_Lafrance.jpg

"Connection with the Infinite"

Delve into her newest abstract series, sparked by collaborative explorations in landscape and urban design, where the symbiosis of nature and humanity harmoniously unfolds.

These artworks reveal vibrant, spontaneous environments alive with vivid colors and captivating shapes, inviting viewers into a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences.

Abstract Harmony

shaping visions

Travel Way Italia - NCC di Lusso

Over the past 35 years, she has built strong brand identities, crafted packaging, and developed marketing communication strategies for companies.

Now, Odette Lafrance is dedicating all her passion and energy to Art, Design projects, and Content Creation.

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